Recruitment Script


Are you excited about undergraduate and graduate scholarships? If yes please consider signing up to be a Black Hills Research Symposium reviewer!

Many of you serve as faculty advisors on projects to be presented at BHRS. It would be great if you could also serve as a reviewer at the conference. We will have multiple oral and poster presentations this year which is very exciting BUT we need your help! Reviewing a presentation is solely for the benefit of the student in terms of gaining feedback on their project and their public speaking skills. Students are eager for your feedback and constructive criticisms regarding their projects.

The 24th BHRS would be face-to-face, however, there might be a virtual option on Facebook or YouTube which is still under consideration by the BHRS Committee. You will have approximately two weeks to return feedback and all of this work can be done in the comfort of your home or office. We are asking that each presentation has two or three reviewers to provide a comprehensive review of each project. Thus, you may be assigned one or more presentations to review given your academic discipline.

Serving as a BHRS reviewer not only benefits the students but also you: you can certainly list this service on your PSEs. If interested, please fill out the information below. The BHRS committee thanks you for your time and support of student research here at BHSU.

Please direct questions to Prof. Desy Schoenewies at or Dr. Sharman Adams at Sharman.Adams@BHSU.EDU​