• The Black Hills Research Symposium (BHRS) is a showcase for undergraduate researchconducted across various disciplines at BHSU and other institutions in the Black Hills area. The symposium continues to afford students a unique opportunity to work closely with a faculty sponsor in developing a research project suitable for presentation to the public.
    • Researchas it is used by BHRS is any systematic activity designed to produce new knowledge, including new ways of understanding and viewing the world. BHRS is an academically inclusive event that values the variety of methodologies human beings use to produce knowledge. Thus any of the following activities (and more) are included in our conceptualization of research:
      • Natural science
      • Social and behavioral science
      • Mathematical science
      • Literary works, including original written works and literary analysis
      • Artworks, including visual, auditory, and performing arts
  • The BHRS also gives a unique opportunity to undergraduate researchers to showcase their research before presenting their research material to various Nationalconferences like National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR).
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