Official Logo

The logo should be prominent and be immediately noticeable on all publications. The logo should be placed on the front cover of all multiple page/panel publications such as brochures, newsletters, and magazines.

The logo may be reduced or enlarged proportionally, but the relationship of the elements may not be distorted, altered or modified in any way.

The logo must appear on all printed and online communications and on all printed materials which represent the academic and administrative units of the University.

Please contact Marketing and Communications if you need logos in a different format or if you have logo usage questions.

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Logo Minimum Size

The logo should be used in a size large enough to ensure legibility. The BHSU logo should be the largest logo and be prominently displayed.

Size Guidelines:

  • Publications that are 11”x17” should have a minimum logo size of 2" wide.
  • Publications that are 8.5”x11” should have a minimum logo size of 1 ½" wide.
  • Publications that are smaller than 8.5” x 11” should never be less than 1 ¼” wide.
  • Larger or smaller minimum sizes may be necessary for other media such as video and film, or products that require specialized manufacturing. If you feel you need to use the logo smaller or have questions about extra-large files, contact the Marketing & Communications Office for assistance.


The logo should not be overprinted or be printed on a background that is distracting. The area surrounding the logo should be open with a minimum margin of ¼ inch to maintain the best legibility.

Secondary Logos

The BHSU logo should be the most prominent logo. Secondary logos or symbols for colleges, divisions, departments, centers, or any other University organization create confusion for the audience. It is important that additional logos be used smaller as a secondary identity.

Unacceptable Uses

  • The logo cannot be combined with any other type or graphic elements.
  • Outlines or drop shadows cannot be used with the logo.
  • The logo cannot be covered in any part with charts, words, images, etc.
  • The logo should not be used as separate parts.
  • No part of the logo can be distorted in any way.
  • Outdated or previous versions of the logo should not be used.


Visual Identity Standards- Mascot "Sting"

Sting, the Yellow Jacket mascot, may be used in addition to but not as a replacement for the official logo on most publications. Specific departments, athletics, alumni, and student organizations, may choose to use the mascot rather than the logo as long as the words Black Hills State University are prominently included. Other departments and organizations may use the mascot in conjunction with the official logo.

The Yellow Jacket should not be changed or altered without seeking approval of minor modifications from Michael Jastorff, University Bookstore 605.642.6279.

Merchandising and t-shirts

All t-shirts or other materials should include the BHSU logo. The logo can be used on the sleeve if it doesn’t work well with the design. For specific merchandising issues please contact Mike Jastorff, bookstore manager, at 605.642.6279.


Visual Identity Standards- Official Seal

The Black Hills State University seal should be used only on official documents, such as:

  • Diplomas
  • Certificates
  • Awards
  • Applications

If you wish to use the seal for official University documents, please contact the Marketing office for the file at 642-6215 or email.

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