If you're a BHSU student, staff, or faculty and need a Buzz Card:

  • Visit the Buzz Card Office located in the Student Union in Room 106. You will need to present a valid driver's license.
  • You can make deposits to your Buzz Bucks account at the Buzz Card Office, the Student Union Info Desk, the Library, by mail, through the Buzz Card services site, or by using the Cash-to-Card machines located across campus.
  • You may access your statements through the online Buzz Card site at
  • Your Buzz Card also serves as your access credential for doors and other devices across campus. 

Each cardholder shall help maintain the integrity of the system by immediately reporting lost/stolen cards and notifying campus security or the Buzz Card Office if they witness doors propped open, abuse of card readers, or any unauthorized use of a person's Buzz Card.

Lost or stolen card

Report to the Buzz Card Office: 605.642.6513 or

You may also log in to and report your card stolen and have it deactivated.

Issues or concerns with your account

If you believe there is a problem with your account or that a mistake was made, please contact the Buzz Card Office at 605.642.6513 or

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a Buzz Bucks account?

If you have a Buzz Card, you automatically have an account. Any dollar amount may be deposited to your account at the Library, the Info Desk at the Student Union, any Cash-to-Card Machine located around campus, or through the Buzz Card services site: 

If you wish to deposit money to your account with a credit card, use the Buzz Card services site and click the "+Add Money" link. Follow the prompts from there.

If you have questions concerning depositing money or other issues, please contact the Buzz Card Office at 605.642.6513 or

Can I have funds deposited from payroll to my Buzz Card?

Faculty and staff have a convenient method of adding funds to their Buzz Bucks account through payroll deduction. The funds are posted to your Buzz Bucks account on the last working day of each month. Faculty with a nine-month contract will have a deduction made on their checks from September to May. The payroll deduction form can be printed and mailed to the Human Resources Office. 

Can I get a refund from my Buzz Bucks account?

Buzz Bucks may be refunded if you are transferring to another school, leaving Black Hills State University, or are graduating. Buzz Bucks remain on your account through your entire stay at Black Hills State University.

If you would like a refund on your Buzz Bucks account, please stop in the Buzz Card Office with your Buzz Card or photo ID and complete a written request. In approximately two weeks you will receive your refund check in the mail. Balances under $5 are not refundable.

Can I put money on my Buzz Card account using a Credit Card?

You may deposit money into your account using a credit card by utilizing the Buzz Card services site, the Library Learning Center, or the Information Desk located in the Student Union.

What if I lose my Buzz Card?

It is important that you notify the Buzz Card Office immediately because your Buzz card can be used by anyone to purchase items from vending machines, copy machines, etc. Once notified, we will freeze your account so that your lost card cannot be used. If you find a card belonging to someone else, please turn it in to the Buzz Card Office. If you lose your card, you can also report it lost using the Lost/Stolen card information found under "My Accounts" on the online card office.

Where Can I Get a Buzz card?

You can get a new Buzz Card at the Information Desk in the Student Union or the Buzz Card Office. Please bring a photo identification card, such as your driver's license.

Contact Info

BHSU Buzz Card Office
Library Map
Hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Phone: 605.642.6513