BHSU Peer Mentor Program

Purpose: Becoming a Yellow Jacket is exciting but it can also be overwhelming for new students. The Peer Mentor Program is designed to help our newest yellow Jackets transition into the BHSU culture.


Peer Mentee Application This application is for incoming or underclassmen students that are seeking a mentor to help in their transition to the BHSU Culture. Download and fill out the application and then email it to Careers@BHSU.edu.

Peer Mentor Application: This appication is meant for upperclassmen that are seeking a paid position to  be a Peer Mentor. Download and fill out the application and then email it to Careers@BHSU.edu.


Peer Mentor Program Highlights



Campus Resources (A to Z)


Academic Affairs: Here you'll find direct resources to many aspects of student life, including career development, faculty resources, student success center, and much more.

Accounting: Getting a degree in accounting sets you up for one of the most in-demand jobs with excellent starting wages. Check out the accounting program for more details.

Admin Information Management Services: AIMS provides you with support to the centralized administrative systems, local systems, web-based systems, and reporting.

Admissions: Here we help students of all types advance their academic career or get involved in their major. You will also find help with your financial aid, tuition, and scholarships.

Athletics: Keep up to date on news about our athletic teams and in the know about upcoming sporting events!

Biology: Does your future career goals involve plants, animals, or medicine? If so, the biology program is where you want to be!

Bookstore: This is where you can purchase or rent books for each of your classes at a reasonable price, not to mention all your school supplies and BHSU gear!

Business Office: A place where you can explore the variety of business majors and minors that BHSU provides with in depth descriptions.

CAMSE: For those who are already in the field of science and math, this is a beneficial place for you to visit. The goal of CAMSE is to promote effective and meaningful teaching to science and math at all levels.

Career Development: Do you want help building your resume and achieving your career goals? If so, check out the resources provided by Career Development. You'll find internship opportunities, peer mentoring, resume guides, and much more.

College of Business and Natural Science: BHSU is an AACSB-accredited School of Business, and the perfect place to start achieving your career goals in one of dozens of programs in the College of Business and Natural Sciences.

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences: With a 100% chance of job placement, this is the place you want to visit. Access resources that will help you reach your future career goals in a timely and helpful manor.

College of Liberal Arts: If your career goal is to instruct students at the public, graduate, or law level, BHSU's College of Liberal Arts has the programs and involvement opportunities you need.

Counseling Center: This is a free service offered by the university to give students access to a professional counselor at no cost. The counselors will see you whether it is day to day stress, academic concerns, immediate crisis, or any other situation. 

Dining Services: For information about food, food allergies, dining options, and other food questions, find all you need to know!

Elementary Education: If your goal in life is to provide education to the youth, then this is the perfect program for you. Find information about educational requirements, career opportunities, field experience, how to get involved, and much more.

English: Whether you want to author books or become a teacher, you'll want to check out BHSU's English program. Included are educational requirements, career opportunities, and much more.

Enrollment Management: If you are curious on how the university branches out to potential students or how the university is working to keep students here, this is a great website. This website thoroughly goes through and explains how it works to recruit the best potential students.

Environmental Physical Science: Did you come to the Black Hills to explore nature? Maybe even learn more about it? If so, environmental physical science gives you the opportunity to pursue your dreams while gaining a valuable education.

Exercise Science: Whether your future goals are to go into health-related research or be a therapist, here you can learn all about the path there through the Exercise Science program at BHSU.

Facilities Services: Facilities Services does a range of things from energy management to custodial services. They maintain the quality of student life here at BHSU while making sure that we are being as eco-friendly as possible.

Financial Aid: If you need help with filling out and submitting your FAFSA, or other school related payments, this is the place to go. Financial aid will help you with grants, work-studies, and loans.

Graduate Programs: Are you looking to educate yourself further than a bachelor's degree? If so, check out the list of graduate programs that the school offers!

Health Services:  A close, safe, and professional area where you can visit a certified nurse who will help you through all health issues. The services provided range from COVID-19 testing to allergy injections.

Help Desk: This is where all BHSU students can get help with their electronical devices, resetting their school email passwords, and any other technology issues they encounter.

Herbarium: Are you into the history behind plants? If you are, then the herbarium is a perfect place for you to explore and nerd out!

History: Learn all about the history program at BHSU, including education requirements, careers, faculty, and more.

Human Resources: BHSU's Human Resources team is here to help employees with questions, reports, and more.

IITS: Get help with all your technology needs! If you enjoy working with technology and helping others, considering becoming part of the Information & Instructional Technology Services student staff. IITS focuses on helping advance technology for the benefit of BHSU’s delivery of education, development of research, and engagement of students.

Integrative Genomics: Are you interested in genomics, ecology, evolution, or physiology? If so, you can get a master’s degree in integrative genomics that will help you gain important skills for when you work with others in a future research area.

International Relations:  Have you ever wanted to study abroad? Or even visit another country and earn school credits for it? The international relations office is the place to learn more and get started!

International Studies: Do you dream about traveling the world and getting an education? If you answered yes, check out BHSU's International Studies minor. 

Library: Looking for a book for a research paper? The first place you should look is the BHSU library! Our library offers thousands of books about almost any topic that you are researching. The library’s website is also a great resource for accomplishing your academic needs.

Marketing and Communications Office: If you are hoping to be going into a future career around public relations, graphic design, news, web, and print publications, check out BHSU's Marketing & Communications Office for great resources.

Mass Communications: Whether you want to go into the world of visual-design or want to work in the world of news, this is the program for you. Learn about the emphasis breakdown, education requirements, career opportunities, and more.

Math Center: A free tutoring service for students who need help to better understand their mathematics. Our tutors have gone through previous math courses and will guide you through the class with simplicity and understanding.

Mathematics: If you enjoy solving puzzles or thinking logical, then you should check out our mathematics program! An education in mathematics prepares you for a multitude of future career fields.

Natural Sciences: Want to go into the health care field? Look no further, the natural sciences program at BHSU sets you up for remarkable success in future career paths. The size of BHSU allows students to have personal relationships with professors while gaining an amazing education.

Network and Computer Services: Also known as NCS, they provide faculty, students, and staff with any and all technical support. They are dedicated to providing secure, responsive, high quality customer service.

Office of the President

Outdoor Education: Do you enjoy exploring the great outdoors? Want to teach others to enjoy it? This program is your next step to accomplish your future goals in outdoor education.

Philosophy: Are you interested in the critical exploration of complex questions relevant to human condition? If yes, then make sure to check out the minor that BHSU has in philosophy!

Photography: Do you want to explore the world through a camera lens while learning important photography lessons? If so, this program will tell you about educational requirements, future careers, international travel opportunities, and much more!

Physical Education: For those who want to provide knowledge to other about how to become healthier, this program is a great resource to reach your career goals.

Physics: If your career goal is to become a physicist or teach physics, this is the place for you. BHSU studies nuclear and particle astrophysics to help learn about supernovas, stars, and other galaxies!

Political Science: Want to master critical analysis, research, or writing skills? If yes, then you should check out the political science major! Future careers range from business to news media opportunities.

Psychology: If you are a psychology major and have questions you cannot seem to find answers for, this is the place for you. The resources provided on this website is the contact information for all the psychology professors and advisors.

Public Safety: A group of former police officers who ensure the safety, security, and comfort of the on-campus students. Trained previously, our officer’s goal is to help provide services for all scenarios.

Registrar: The Registrar's Office is where you can find help with registration, enrollment, academic records, and more.

Residence Life: Find resources for housing appeals, employment opportunities, and much more. Resident Assistants throughout campus are employed through BHSU’s residence life.

Sanford Lab Programs: Want to get right into the heart of scientific studies? If yes, make sure to check with your science professors about being involved in future Sandford lab programs. They range from genetics to dark matter exploration!

School of Arts and Humanities: If you are going into studio art/art education, corporate communication, English/English education, or mass communication, this is where you need to be. Find information and resources about your major in Arts & Humanities.

School of Behavioral Science: Are you getting an education in Exercise Science, Human Services, Outdoor Education, Psychology, or Sociology? If yes, make sure to check this website out and learn more about your future studies!

School of Business: As an AACSB-accredited School of Business, BHSU is the place to build your future career in accounting, finance, and more!

School of Education: Being the top program in the region is something that not every university can brag about, but BHSU can. Our education program is the best in the region and prepares students for future education. So, if your goal is to be a future educator, this is the place for you. This resource will help you more learn about BHSU’s educational mission and the goals that the university will help you achieve.

Social Science: If you want to either educate about social science or want to work in a specific discipline, this might be the program for you.

Sociology: Do you want to study social life, social change, human behavior, and much more? If so, learn about the program's requirements, careers, faculty, and more.

Spanish: Do you want to inspire students to fall in love with the Spanish language and culture? If so, this is the program you need to reach your future career goals.

Speech Communication Studies: Are you interested in learning how humans communicate in every life setting? Getting a degree in speech communication sets you up for careers in health communication, public relations, and much more!

Student Financial Services: Need to access financial aid, tuition, or other monetary services ASAP? Find the help and resources you need through the Student Financial Services Office.

Student Success Center: A resource that helps students grow holistically and begin to achieve their academic dreams, and a wonderful place to find people who share the same interests and career goals.

Student Union: The student union is a place where students can become involved with the university through high quality programs, volunteer services, leadership development, and many more opportunities.

Studio Art: Whether you are a painter or ceramic artist, this is the place for you. Learn about educational requirements, future professions, and much more.

Sustainability: Do you want to get involved within the campus and provide a helping hand in becoming eco-friendly? If so, this is the place for you! Here's how to get involved and help the campus.

Theatre Program: Want to chase your dreams of being in theatre? This is the place to look. The resources provided can help you find the educational requirements, career opportunities, and much more.

Title IX: Learn about BHSU's policies and committment to a safe learning environment free from discrimination or sexual harrassment. Here you can access private, professional help and resources.

TRIO: Also known as Student Support Services, their goal is to help students who are serious about getting a college degree. They provide academic, financial, and other services to help you achieve your goal.

Writing Center: Whether you are drafting an essay or need someone to look over a cover letter, the writing center provide services both fall and spring. Learn more and book an appointment!

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