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Our Mission

Empowering women and propelling economic development across South Dakota.


Our Vision

To serve as a key partner in economic and workforce development in South Dakota providing comprehensive training and business assistance for aspiring entrepreneurs and forward-thinking intrapreneurs.

Special Areas of Focus

East Business Advising


You have questions about your business journey. We can help you find the answers and connect you with others who will set you on the path to success.

New Client


Get up to speed and stay up to date in all areas of best business practice. Choose from our full selection of online training courses and partner resources, attend live and virtual workshops, or participate in highly focused business seminars.

SDCEO East Events


Who you know can help you in unexpected ways. We provide you with the opportunity to connect with fellow inspiring women who are on their own journeys as business owners, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs.

SD CEO East Team

Sadie Swier

Sadie Swier


As director of SD CEO East, Sadie provides business advising and resource guidance to aspiring and established entrepreneurs, offering innovative ways to think about their business by helping them discover new ideas and fresh ways of looking at current problems and roadblocks.

As the previous Community Outreach Manager with Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc., she’s worked with a variety of small businesses and knows the importance of each founder’s challenges or successes. She’s excited for the opportunity to extend her knowledge and enthusiasm to serve the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs on their journey! It’s sets her soul on fire to empower and connect the vibrant business community across the state.

She enjoys attending local theatre, eating a delicious meal, volunteering at community events, singing karaoke, travelling to new places, and celebrating life with friends and family!

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Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Evening and weekend hours are available by appointment.

Phone: 605-631-9106

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